Live Events App


Inform your event audience by giving them the information they need! Add schedules, maps, exhibitors, surveys, videos and more. Link your events schedule to a current ical calendar or update it through the mobile management platform.

Create user groups and push notifications out to just those groups or everyone! Utilize the push notifications to bring attention to special events or promotions.

Post documents, videos, and web links.  Create new pages, edit content and send push notifications all through our easy to use mobile management platform. No coding or programming necessary!

Make your app more interactive than ever. Encourage networking with your audience directly inside the app with your very own social walls. Create multiple social walls for relevant discussions. Your audience can even subscribe to get updates from each social wall via Push notifications.

Link your custom branded mobile app to event registration forms. Allow your attendees to register directly from your mobile app.

Add sponsor banners throughout the app to generate additional revenue. Add as many sponsors as you like through the mobile management platform.

Deploy your app to Android, Iphone, Ipad, and general tablet users. Your Live Events App can be viewed by today’s most popular devices!

Create an event schedule using our mobile management platform or link your events schedule to an already created calendar.

The Live Events App and management platform will fit into any budget. Once the app is created you can update it year after year through the mobile management platform without expensive programming fee’s and costs.

Bring Life Back Into Your Live Event!